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Im Kayzel, i have a pretty "unique" name. Filipino. Houston.


i just really wanna smoke rn and forget about shit and get all this stress outta my mind 

"Its scary, the thought that home used to be where my bed was. Now its wherever he is and I am stuck wishing his arms are wrapped around me."

duckinators said: i just made this ahah !! found you tho LOL

Hello old friend:)

  -  3 October
Long Distance Relationships


Nighttime is when it really hits you hard. It’s when your mind stops and thinks about all of the times you were with that person and it completely kills you. The distance makes you realize how hard it actually is to be away from someone so important to you. You miss them like crazy and want nothing more than to be with them and never let them go again. You learn to appreciate them more and more because you know that in the end, seeing them will make it all worth it.

"I don’t want you to be the one
who got away.
God, I just want you to be the one
who finally fucking stayed."

-N.E.W.,  I Wanted It To Be You So Badly (via ruminatingvagabond)

Sucks that friendships turn out the least you expected it to be

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